The Eiger Sanction (1975)

The inspiration for this compilation of stills was taken from a recent post by the guys from the Red Wing store in Berlin, who run a great visual weblog over at redwing1905. The bad habit German’s have for renaming titles of movies resulted in the corny name of ‘Im Auftrag des Drachen’ (In the Order of the Dragon), however the pictures of the lovely mountain scenery they posted convinced me to have a look at this one. The story was taken from the same titled novel by Trevanian, who described the movie as vapid afterwards. I haven’t read the original but I can agree with Trevanian on this, because the storyline of The Eiger Sanction is quite cliché and contains silly dialogues. However, the hiking and mountain climbing parts are pretty epic at times and visually really nice. Not to mention the mountain gear and fashion present of course.

Dr. Hemlock (Clint Eastwood) is a retired assassin and now an art-history professor and avid collector, with Matisse, El Greco and Picasso pieces in his private collection. Of course he also used to be one of the best mountain climbers and his next mission involves the ascent of the north face of the Eiger. First he’s trained somewhere in Arizona, where he wears nothing but a white tee, a light-weight denim shirt on top and a pair of Levi’s denim, or some khaki shorts. That said, the best part of his outfit is the little distressed canvas and leather reinforced rucksack. There’s much to mention here, like the 1974 Ford Bronco, but as said the mountain fashion is most significant. All four climbers wear a bright colored down-filled jacket and when it gets colder they put on a similar colored parka on top of it. To camp on the foot of the mountain they have their tents which they carry in their green or navy backpacks. If you don’t want to sit out two hours for this one, then just put on the last 30 minutes, that’s when they climb the Eiger itself. It’s the most cool part and makes you eager to climb a mountain like they do once. By the way Eastwood did all his stunts and climb work himself, that’s how it should be.

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  1. Chilton Rankin says:

    Some great photos! Is there a way to get these as prints?

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